A Perfect Lash style for your Eye Shape


Hey Beautiful,

Our blog post today will recommend our most suitable lashes per eye shape. And guess what, we're showcasing the Melanated Queens we love! Let's start with Almond Eyes...

Almond Eyes - Beyoncé, DeWanda Wise, Yara Shahidi

Known as the most popular or common of eye shapes, the almond eye is asymmetrical; the curve of the iris is hidden by upper and lower eye lids. Like the almond nut, you will find that this shape is slightly pointed at the outer corners of eye with a wider centre. Almond eyes are versatile, therefore, most lashes are complimentary to this shape.

Most Suitable Lash style(s): QUINTESSA, SHABINE

Almond eyes look great with most eye shapes, but volume is where it is at! We picked our mega volume Quintessa lash and our Shabine lash for a natural glam. Almond eye squad, it's an add to cart kind of day:



Round Eyes- Jackie Aina, Slick Woods

Round eyes, also known as doll eyes, are characterized by a visible crease and less appearance of the iris. The best lash styles for these bright eyes are ones that have more of a curl!

Most Suitable Lash Style(s): HOW MANY BLINX?, ENCHANT WHO?

Round eyes, we see you boo! We recommend our HOW MANY BLINX? lash and ENCHANT WHO? to bring flair to your natural doll eye! Choose your lash bestie below:



Protruding Eyes- Lala Anthony, Jordyn Woods, Spice

Protruding eyes give the appearance of projected lids that recede deeply into the face. I know, doesn't sounds so appealing but not to worry. It's only translation for "my eyes are the most irresistible feature on my face." That being said, we want to draw the attention to your eyes, and how else to do it than with a feathery, flare style lash.

Most Suitable Lash Style(s): BELLE FLAIR, XTRA WINX

Let's show off those gorgeous eyes with our BELLE FLAIR and turn heads with XTRA WINX. Both these lashes are feathery and light which is great for protruding eyes. Cop them before they sell out:




Upturned Eyes- Ashanti, Nicki Minaj, Teyana Taylor

It's time for the real-life cat eye shape, the upturned eye! Similar to the almond eye, this eye shape naturally occurs when outer corners of the eye are pointed. But the twist is, the outer corners of upturned eyes are pointed higher upward than the inner corners. Did someone say cat eye? 

Most Suitable Lash Style(s): COUNT CONTESSA, ELLE JOLIE

YES that CAT EYE look! You need a lash that is full at the end to take your eyes to higher heights! Our picks are COUNT CONTESSA for more volume and ELLE JOLIE for a feathery cat eye. Don't wait, grab these lash babes before it's too late!



Downturned Eyes - HER, Mereba, Zoe Kravitz

Downturned eyes, as you guessed, are the opposite of the upward eyes. These eyes fall at the outer corners. But nonetheless, these eyes serve a great cat eye look!

Most Suitable Lash Style(s): ELLE JOLIE, BELLE FLAIR

Once again, let that cat eye look give you life! BELLE FLAIR has flare and is feathery enough to let your eyes shine while ELLE JOLIE is a lighter cat eye look. Click below and add these lashes to cart immediately!



Hooded Eyes-  Alissa Ashley, Gabrielle Union, Nia Long

Hooded eyes have a crease with a prominent brow bone which means your brows makeup of 80% of your selfie. The reason is that there is a extra layer of crease that covers your eyes (extra protection maybe?) and is not clearly visible when your eye open. This causes the eye to look a little smaller. We're going to fix that with a lash that brightens and opens your eye more..

Most Suitable Lash Style(s): QUINTESSA, HOW MANY BLINX?

HOW MANY BLINX? is a great match for hooded eyes because of its hybrid composition of volume and naturalistic look. Since your brows are more bold, this lash brings more attention to your hidden gems aka eyes! QUINTESSA is great for bringing volume glam to the eyes as well. Links to these falsies below, don't miss out!



Deep Set Eyes- Cardi B, Iman, Zendaya

Deep set eyes are like the sister to hooded eyes, but without the hood. These are beautiful large eyes that sit right under the brow bone but deep into the eye skeletal socket. Sounds creepy, but let me say that the eyes are the windows to the mind, or however the saying goes....

Most Suitable Lash Style: COUNT CONTESSA

We choose COUNT CONTESSA as your best suitable lash because it brings the eyes front and centre. Deep Set where? Add this lash to your cart NOW...



Close Set Eyes- Michelle Obama

Close Set eyes occur when the distance between the eyes is less than one (invisible) eyeball. In this case, we want to focus on lengthening and lifting the eye a little more... and appreciate the former First Lady of the White House.

Most Suitable Lash Style: ELLE JOLIE

A great choice of lash; ELLE JOLIE is the proper combination  of lengthening and lifting. Don't leave without it, click the link below: 



Wide Set Eyes- Brandy Norwood, Logan Browning, Rihanna

Wide set eyes occur if the distance between the eyes are more than one (invisible) eye ball. While we see the variations of almond and upturned eye shapes between these iconic ladies, wide set eyes need a little more fullness to bring the attention to their eyes. Not the distance between them... 

Most Suitable Lash Style: ELLE JOLIE, ENCHANT WHO?

Full Volume is another name for ENCHANT WHO? If you're not the volume type, then ELLE JOLIE is your lash pal! The fuller the lash, the more we get illusion of the eyes coming closer together! 



Overall, finding the PERFECT lashes for your eye shape can be tricky and time consuming. That being said, we hope this is super helpful to anyone reading. If you enjoyed this read, share this post online or with a friend! Stay connected on all our social platforms @lashtrixcosmetics. Your Lash Slay Awaits...


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