Lashtrix Signature Lash Applicator
Our signature lash applicator is THE lash tool to use during lash application. Its concave curve aligns with the natural eye shape, which results in the flawless fusion of both the false and natural lashes for a seamless look.  How...
$4.00 $3.00
Lashtrix Mini Cosmetic Scissors
Are your lashes too long for the shape of your eyes? Do you feel the excess of your lash brand irritate the inner corners of your eyes? Are your brows in need of a trim? Cut those lash and brow...
Lashtrix Signature Lash Curler
Our Lash Curler is suitable for falsies and natural eyelashes. Elevate your volume and show the beauty of your eyes to the world. Recommended Use:For adding extra curl to lashes Facts about our Brand: - Best quality gold-plated stainless steel beauty...
I 🤍 Lashtrix Handheld Mirror - Gold
These beautiful limited edition handheld mirrors are great companions to have as you apply your fave Lashtrix lashes. Handle with care, mirrors are fragile!
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