About the Brand

The Beginning 

LASHTRIX has always been a dream of mine back in 2017, while I was attending university. The blueprint of this business is in a notebook I dedicated to planning the launch of my cosmetics line, while keeping it a secret. Truth is, I was in fear of launching this best kept secret and I continued to let my fear keep me back from starting. Two years later, 2019 showed me it was time to launch what was in my notebook "collecting dust" for so long. I wanted to assure a noteworthy product that was affordable and decent in the eyes of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). I’m not fond of animal cruelty and I don't want to be protested against, thank you!  

The finalization of LASHTRIX took place in July 2019, and we hosted our virtual Pre-Launch on September 25th 2019.

Yes: "everyone is selling lashes" and "the cosmetic industry is oversaturated" but here is why I believe LASHTRIX will be the game changer...

LASHTRIX Cosmetics releases its Signature Vegan Lash Collections in response to animal-cruelty prevalent in the cosmetics industry. Each lash style is multi-dimensional, luscious, and light as a feather. The ingredients used in our plant-based and cruelty-free cosmetics (to be released) are thoroughly researched and tested! Anticipate to have your expectations exceeded, to fall in love with our brand like I have.  Connect with us on our social media handles and leave us your testimonials. 



With Love,

Kinsha Francis
Founder, LASHTRIX Cosmetics

[Revised 06/2020]