Lash Care Tips

Lash Application:

• Cut excess lash band for strip lashes to fit entire lash line 
• Use a light amount of adhesive that is enough to keep them glued on but not heavy on the eyelids. Use our LASHMITIZE or DUO Brush-On adhesive for best results. 
• Wait about 30 seconds or until glue is tacky then apply lashes as close to the lash line as possible.
For more details on lash application, click here to watch our tutorial

Lash Maintenance:

• Gently peel off glue residue from lash band using a tweezer.  
• Apply Antibacterial Soap, Water or an Oil-Free Makeup Remover in a bowl and add your lashes to dissolve the glue. Use a tweezer to remove the excess glue/build-up off the lash band. 
• Let lashes dry; gently brush lashes with a mascara wand to maintain lash style, and place lashes onto lash mould and keep stored in its lash box 
For more details on lash maintenance, click here to watch our tutorial
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